Dan Livingston — Jazz Guitarist

Welcome to my website!

I have been making music for almost a half century. I cannot recall a time when I was not coaxing a tune out of steel strings and wood chambers.  Over the years, Jazz music has become the center of my performance as I refrained from playing cover tunes and started making stuff up.

Connecting people to my music — one person at a time.

On this web site, I have presented a little information about my music and my views towards music for your perusal. My hope was to stimulate a little thought on the reasons behind the music.  I hope that you will share your thoughts with me — please leave me a note in one of the blog windows and I will respond.

For the last 10 years I have performed at the Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour.  I provide 2 days of music (approximately 14 hours) for the tour.  In 2013 Nebraska Public Television came to the tour and filmed a video article (broadcast Sept 2014).  They used one of my songs as the sound track.  Check out the film: http://netnebraska.org/media/media.php?bin=NET&vidgroup=40168201

You can hear my music on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-by-Dan-Livingston/381294135247943

I have video’s on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEIlQF9hc2Gvp_FGlsk06A

My CD’s can be acquired in Arizona at my local concerts.

By the way, I am available to play for your events! Contact me at Dan@DanHouseDitties to obtain a press kit or schedule a visit for me to come to your facility to discuss music performance.

Dan Livingston


About Dan Livingston

I learned to play the blues in Shreveport Louisiana a very long time ago (over 50 years ago). I remember when Hendrix and Clapton were innovative musicians and the Beatles were to commercial to be cool.  I learned to make music in bands as a bass player and then transitioned to the six-string guitar through playing cover songs on both the acoustic and electric.  I played for several years in local bands and then began performing worship bands.

Lately I have drifted away from cover songs and instead preferring to play my own flavor of improvisational, soft, contemporary jazz in small to midsize venues.  Additionally, I have supported a commercial venture in Texas with music tracks for the business’ web site (http://losttexansalsa.com) and a local Nebraska Public Television producer with sound tracks for the network’s films. (http://netnebraska.org/media/media.php?bin=NET&vidgroup=40168201)

I have lived in Alaska, the Netherlands, and a myriad of cities across the mid-west, playing guitar with other musicians wherever I have lived.  My palate of music styles, include Fusion Jazz, Urban Blues, Motown, Delta Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, Old School Rock, 50’s Jazz, and Appalachian Mountain Folk.  My influences are just a varied: Eric Clapton, Pat Matheny, Miles Davis, BB King, Dave Brubeck, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Bela Fleck, Carlos Santana, and Charlie Alley.

What People Say about Dan’s Music:

  • Your music is SO peaceful.” – Cherie, business owner.
  • I love the fact that people can dance to your rhythms.” — Nori, fund raiser.
  • I will bring you back for another 6 engagements next year.” – Russ, Non-Profit Group, President.
  • I have never heard such cool, smooth tones from an acoustic instrument.” — David, Restaurant Customer.
  • The vendors have given me rave reviews about your music all day.” – John, Artist.
  • You make great music; it is very calming to listen to.” — James, Engineer.
  • I am listen to a master create wonderful music” — Renee, Pastry Baker.
  • Your music is much more than jazz, it is a positive spiritual force; you make people feel good.” – Sandy, Business Owner.
  • You are a sure thing!” — Linda, Art Promoter.
  •  “Dan, thank you for coming out to perform for us at our open house!   We were very happy to have you, and we received a lot of positive feedback.   We certainly hope to have you out again to play another time.  Your music gave our special day a very special feel.”  — written in a letter from Lisa, a Director and Event Overseer.
  • Dan, everyone really enjoyed and appreciated you and your music!  Thanks again for being a part of our celebration” — Dean, Business Owner.
  • What a wonderful job you did this past Saturday!”  — Merilee, Event Director for a Major Omaha Outdoor Shopping Mall.
  • The people who come to my place are amazed by how you play and how unassuming your presentation is; customer after customer sit quietly absorbing your music and the peace that you exude.”, Ryan, restaurant owner.
  • “Your music is perfect for Art Festivals, so thoughtful and peaceful. Customers are very relaxed and ready to support the arts“, Carol, business owner.

About DanHouseDitties

DanHouseDitties is a small operation with only one mission: to make good music.

I have a recording studio with professional software and hardware in my home for recording, editing and mastering of my music. The photos on the CD  jackets, music videos, and this web site are memories of trips that Joy and I have taken.  Joy Livingston, my wife, is a wonderful photographer, she continues to find new pictures to accentuate my music.

When creating new material, I abide by a few principles:

(1) Keep the sound simple, uncluttered. Most songs should have no more than three or four tracks. Be careful with guitar effects.  The pure sound is usually the best.

(2) Emotions are always more important than technique. Most people listen to music for stimulation, not to be impressed with personal skill.

(3) Not all music has to be perfect to be ‘true’ and to communicate.  Mistakes can be part of the musical expression.

(4) Build the ideas gradually, but record each track all the way, from start to finish — each time. Listen, evaluate and decide the fate of the track.

(5) Avoid editing the track to correct ‘mistakes’ unless they break the flow of the music.  Editing tracks takes away from the authentic, the emotion, and the mood.

If you are interested in recording a CD and you are comfortable with my recording principles, send me a sample of your music and a brief description of what you want to accomplish with your CD.  I might be willing to lend a hand with your project (for a modest fee).