In the 50’s and 60’s recording was accomplished by formal businesses that had the equipment and expertise to master and cut vinyl records. Most people know the story of SUN Records, and they know about the large recording juggernauts such as RCA or Columbia.

When computers became an essential part of a guitar player’s gear list, everything changed. Recording moved from a formal record label studio to basements and bedrooms all over the country. It became possible to start a recording studio and production company with just a small amount of gear and money. With personal computers, creative musicians can create digital recordings for distribution without intervention from big business.

In 2009, I started dabbling with recording using his laptop, Adobe Audition software, and Roland audio-computer interfaces. Gradually a signature sound appeared on the hard drive.

In 2010, I started recording regularly with a young musician, Charlie Alley. As time passed, we made an album together titled, Fort Calhoun. Since the spring of 2011, I have produced numerous solo albums to document my progress as a musician and to document my every changing approach to music. Since then, I have recorded over 500 songs in preparation for the almost annual albums. Lost in Texas was the first album of the series.

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