Fort Calhoun

Fort Calhoun CoverFort Calhoun happened because of an interesting synergism between Charlie Alley and myself. The story begins in the fall of 2009 when Charlie’s mother introduced Charlie to me. His mother and Joy (my wife) were already good friends. Charlie Alley, then only 15 years old, became a regular fixture around my house exploring the guitar from an improvisational perspective.  By the summer of 2010, we were playing around Omaha as Shades of Moiré. Gradually, we started writing the tunes found in Fort Calhoun built upon my chord patterns with leads created by Charlie.

The Fort Calhoun CD became a summer project in my recording studio lead by four teenagers: Charlie, Emily, Brian, and Zachary. Charlie played lead guitar on most of the songs. I did a few of the leads and all the rhythm section material. Emily helped with the album text. Brian helped with the photography. Zachary ran the recording software to include mastering the album. The CD became a modest hit amongst jazz lovers in the city. The music on this album presents a wide range of style including, traditional ’50s jazz, fusion, pop, and country. The component that tied the songs together was the improvisational nature of the leads from Charlie and my trademark rhythm guitar. The songs on Fort Calhoun include:

  1. North Dakota Railroad
  2. Oatmeal Cream Pie
  3. Smiley Face
  4. Wood Tones
  5. Fort Calhoun
  6. Summer Breeze
  7. Prairie Sky
  8. Paint Brush
  9. Early Morning Rain
  10. High River Blues
  11. Gray Storms

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