Web site Image GALLERYt V1This gallery of songs was built from my favorite percussion patterns. I created songs with simple bass arrangements mapped over complex percussion patterns. The music took on a Rhythm & Blues feel consistent with the Muscle Shoals approach or in a few cases the Motown approach. In all, I created 37 songs for possible inclusion on this album. Limited by the amount of music I can place on a CD, I slowly reduced the group of songs to 19 songs and then refined the solos for each song. This gallery of songs was enjoyable to create. Many of the songs demonstrated an older style of articulation that reminded me of my early band years. As always, the songs are improvised. I do not do a lot of editing or correction of mistakes. I hope you enjoy this gallery of songs, 78 minutes of quiet jazz for an afternoon on the job or a gentle evening after a hard day’s work. The Gallery includes:

  1. London Fog
  2. Push In
  3. Revelator
  4. Hot Belly Stove
  5. Bandit
  6. Semaphore
  7. Staying Close
  8. Bent Pin
  9. Dry Snow
  10. Sugar Cane
  11. Gallery
  12. Can’t Find You
  13. Strutting Home
  14. Oh My
  15. Rose Buds
  16. Wet Stones
  17. Loco Lunar
  18. Dresser Door
  19. Slow Down