Heading Home

Heading Home CD Cover for WebSiteThis album is a compilation of Blues, Appalachian, and Urban song structures I have learned to respect over the years.  The songs were built to showcase the stark beauty of the acoustic guitar.  In each song, I worked hard to not over shadow the acoustic with the bass lines or the melody.

A few months ago, I found a National Delphi Resonator that needed a new home. This resonator is not the normal sound I am known for, but this specific instrument has a sweet nasal voice that is remarkable in depth and balance.   Within about a week of getting the instrument and exploring alternate tunings, I stood up three microphones and started experimenting sincerely in the studio.  Eventually I found a combination of angle and distance that yielded the desired tone I was seeking and I began improvising.  The song Blue Delphi emerged.  After a few more resonator songs were completed, I reached out for my mandolin and added to the eclectic collection of Appalachian songs.

Other songs were created out of my passion for the moving bass line that meanders about the scale fleshing out Blues or Urban chord song structures.  The foot starts tapping and the eyes begin to sparkle as the song paints a smile on the face of listeners.   This album has 18 songs that span 79 minutes on the CD.   The first reviews from my followers were very complementary on this new collection which includes:

  1. Going Home
  2. Blue Delphi
  3. Old Paths
  4. On the Move
  5. Yellow Moon
  6. Memories
  7. Strawberry Delight
  8. Little Big Eyes
  9. No Fretting
  10. Almost Noon
  11. Wayward Walk
  12. 72 Miles To Go
  13. Running from Truth
  14. Sidewalk Hill
  15. One Four Five
  16. Gray Cloud
  17. Twelve forty four
  18. Brass Cylinder


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