Lost in Texas

Cover page - open range with textDuring the early summer of 2011, while playing at an outdoor arena, a Salsa manufacturer operating the Lost Texan Salsa Company approach me during my break. Les Georgetown wanted to place one of my songs on his web site (http://losttexansalsa.com). I named the song Lost in Texas.  This song was the beginning of the project.

Drawing from my roots in the blues, 50’s jazz, and Motown music from the 60’s, I started working on new songs.  At first, I wanted to create a 50’s jazz album with walking bass parts punctuated by clear leads played on hollow body guitars and acoustics.  Then I acquired a mandolin and began to explore lead riffs on this new medium of sound.  The model for the album expanded because of the mandolin into smooth fusion jazz.  I kept recording more and more material, searching for that nearly elusive right feel to the music.  The project expanded to a vision of four albums.  The first album of this series would be quiet, smooth jazz; this album is that.  In September 2011, I released Lost in Texas with the following songs:

  1. Walking Tall
  2. Looking for Rain
  3. Cabana
  4. Walk in the Park
  5. Longing Hearts
  6. Long Night Waiting
  7. Dark Waves
  8. El Paso Run
  9. Wandering Eyes
  10. Hill Country
  11. Curvey Eyeballs
  12. Overture of the Heart
  13. Pushing the Line
  14. Lost in Texas

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