Lunar Eclipse

USA/When the concept for Lunar Eclipse first emerged, I thought it would be similar to Lost in Texas, with an edge towards the blues rather than ’50s jazz.  Nevertheless, the ideas morphed and gradually I developed a new set of songs for this album.  Each song consists of three tracks (lead, rhythm, and bass, no percussion). The minimalist approach emulates my live performances.

If you have listened to me live, you know my songs are usually a bit long, the album also reflects that characteristic. The album contains several soft, lingering ditties that present a brooding set of overtones and melodic leads. For me, the songs evoke thoughts of distant trouble, yet offer a platform of assurance that all will be well in the end.  The songs works sadness into the core of the music with a clear resolution at the end of the song that demonstrates my belief that the pursuit of good will lead to peace. The blending of the two forces (sadness and peace) into a single song is what keeps me coming back to the well. Lunar Eclipse is a hit with my regulars and new fans.

An additional feature of this album is the use of irregular signatures (5/4, 7/8, and 9/8) for some of the songs.  At first they were challenging to play, but I routinely use the irregular signature tracks in performance and have become very comfortable in this novel range of signatures.  The variance in signatures provides me with an opportunity for little different feel in the phrasing of the melodies.  The songs for this CD include:

  1. Lunar Eclipse
  2. Twilight Eyes
  3. Red Skies
  4. 56 Miles
  5. Cross Country
  6. Sleepy Hollow
  7. Brazilian Sunrise
  8. Morning Coffee
  9. San Francisco Tears
  10. Shade Tree
  11. Afternoon Rose Petals
  12. Monkey Business

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