One More Paragraph

Water front V2After I finished the Signature project, I wanted to continue the model of providing songs that were very similar to my live performance. I considered the nature of my performance.  I tend to focus on providing music, building songs that feel complete with just two guitars and a bass that traces the chord patterns.   The real workhorse in this project is the rhythm guitar.

Starting with about 45 conceptual chord patterns, I nurtured and shaped them into 19 songs. Gradually, I coaxed out the melody as part of my approach to rhythm guitar.

Naming the songs became important, as it was my way of explaining what I was thinking about when I constructed the song.  Each song in this project is a labor of love, every person who listens, tells me they enjoy the sonic musings. One More Paragraph includes:

  1. Smiling Hands
  2. Golden Rush
  3. Roof Top Rain
  4. Slippery Sidewalks
  5. Black Tux
  6. Heart of Stone
  7. Blue River Street
  8. Happy Toes
  9. Unfettered Barking
  10. Little Green Shoes
  11. Heritage of Grace
  12. Less Traveled Road
  13. Tracks of Silver
  14. True Memories
  15. Looking Around
  16. Difficult to Find
  17. Beating Heart
  18. Plastic Face
  19. Three Miles

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