Porch Club

DSC_0284 FrontIt seems that about February of each year, I become interested in building a new CD.   The plan starts with the development of about 30 song ideas.  This year, the songs were built on the bass guitar.  The list was gradually reduced to the 20 songs that appear on the CD.  My objective this year was to generate a slightly more powerful sound than my previous albums.

On this album, the bass took a central role in each song.  Rather than tracing the chord pattern with bass notes (always playing the tonic not of a scale), I instead used the bass as a melodic driver for the song.  The deep tones of the bass were not hidden behind the kick drum.

The initial reviews for this CD have been most humbling, many listeners are saying this is my best work yet. The song list for Porch Club is:

  1. Coffee Time
  2. Forward Look Back
  3. Swing High
  4. Eyes Too Close
  5. Slippery Ice
  6. Building Blocks
  7. Echo Street
  8. Sticky Pipes
  9. Blue Goose
  10. Good Day
  11. Shark Circle
  12. Clarkdale Pass
  13. Loner
  14. Walking South
  15. Sunny Daze
  16. Turning Point
  17. Stormy Morning
  18. Unspoken Words
  19. Swamp Gas

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