Signature Front Cover Final V1This album came about from numerous requests during my performances for a second CD that reflected my live performance.  As I considered the content, I decided to select several chord arrangements from my live performance.  I started collecting metrics on my live performance, searching for the more popular tunes; these tunes were included on the CD.  Additionally, I created some of new songs just for this CD.

In this recording, I pushed the boundaries of my improvisation.   As I worked the songs over and over, I gradually learned the boundaries of each song chord structure. Working the fret board, culling through ideas developing new phrases for my vocabulary and I wold complete the song.  When I first played this CD for my fans, they just smiled and asked to buy the album even before I had completed the printing and packaging. Signature includes:

  1. Hot Water
  2. Flatfeet
  3. Rain Forest Wind
  4. Certain Trouble
  5. Saturday
  6. White Shoes
  7. Board Walk
  8. Moon Rise
  9. Too Much Work
  10. High School
  11. Omaha Nights
  12. Joybell
  13. Wild Orange Tea
  14. Certain Trouble Reprise

Includes a Bonus song – Autumn Sunlight

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