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Welcome to my website!

I have been making music for almost a half century. I cannot recall a time when I was not coaxing a tune out of steel strings and wood chambers.  Over the years, Jazz music has become the center of my performance as I refrained from playing cover tunes and started making stuff up.

Connecting people to my music — one person at a time.

On this web site, I have presented a little information about my music and my views towards music for your perusal. My hope was to stimulate a little thought on the reasons behind the music.  I hope that you will share your thoughts with me — please leave me a note in one of the blog windows and I will respond.

For the last 10 years I have performed at the Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour.  I provide 2 days of music (approximately 14 hours) for the tour.  In 2013 Nebraska Public Television came to the tour and filmed a video article (broadcast Sept 2014).  They used one of my songs as the sound track.  Check out the film: http://netnebraska.org/media/media.php?bin=NET&vidgroup=40168201

You can hear my music on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazz-by-Dan-Livingston/381294135247943

I have video’s on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEIlQF9hc2Gvp_FGlsk06A

My CD’s can be acquired in Arizona at my local concerts.

By the way, I am available to play for your events! Contact me at Dan@DanHouseDitties to obtain a press kit or schedule a visit for me to come to your facility to discuss music performance.

Dan Livingston


7 thoughts on “Dan Livingston — Jazz Guitarist

  1. Andréa says:

    just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that i have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. any way i’ll be subscribing to your feed.

  2. Audrie Bethke says:

    I like what am hearing Dan. I will say more when I have listened to all I can find. Remember your auntie Audrie? i’d like to keep in touch. Good stuff. Jazz is my favorie genre but I favor the delta blues and other jazz too. BB King, Professor Longhair, Lizz Wright, Doug Kershaw, Neville Bros, Paul Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Fiona Apple, Nina Simone. LOL. I will stop now. I am so glad you are doing what you love. Hugs, Audrie

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