Using the Eye

The other day Joy and I ventured into an Artists Collective in Omaha, a place where artists present their glimpse of the universe.   One of the images I viewed was a portrait of a young child.  Clearly, the image communicated emotion and I easily connected the image to memories of my children and other children I have known. I examined the art for several minutes. The colors were dark and the look on the child’s face was pensive. The child was troubled; the parent in me wanted to reach out and protect this child.  I immediately started making assessments about the quality of the image and the message communicated by the image. I developed a strong identity with the image. I rapidly gained respect for the skill of the artist, and the image became more than paint on canvas.

When creating an instrumental song, I disclose a glimpse of my inner thoughts. It sometimes feels presumptuous to assume others are interested in what I think. Perhaps that is why I choose to present instrumental music. Instrumental music permits others to enjoy the music and develop their own opinion as to the meaning of the song.  However, at the end of the day, most of my music proclaims we need to live at peace with our self, the people around us, and the God we serve.

The image of the child I mentioned earlier communicated at different levels. I suggest this is the essence of art – it influences our emotions. It is living in harmony with God that helps humans to express the truth – the truth about the moment.  I think there is beauty in a song when the song communicates at the base emotional level and provides us with a fundamental connection to the beauty of the Creation.  The writer, poet, architect, musician, and actor all invoke their craft to share something they are passionate about with others.

We will not agree with all people on all topics all the time, but we do have the inherent genetic need to communicate (share our message) in hope of finding common ground, sometimes with words or images and sometimes with less verbal tools that convey emotions – in my case, the instrumental song.

We hope that somebody is willing to listen.

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