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DanHouseDitties is a small operation with only one mission: to make good music.

I have a recording studio with professional software and hardware in my home for recording, editing and mastering of my music. The photos on the CD  jackets, music videos, and this web site are memories of trips that Joy and I have taken.  Joy Livingston, my wife, is a wonderful photographer, she continues to find new pictures to accentuate my music.

When creating new material, I abide by a few principles:

(1) Keep the sound simple, uncluttered. Most songs should have no more than three or four tracks. Be careful with guitar effects.  The pure sound is usually the best.

(2) Emotions are always more important than technique. Most people listen to music for stimulation, not to be impressed with personal skill.

(3) Not all music has to be perfect to be ‘true’ and to communicate.  Mistakes can be part of the musical expression.

(4) Build the ideas gradually, but record each track all the way, from start to finish — each time. Listen, evaluate and decide the fate of the track.

(5) Avoid editing the track to correct ‘mistakes’ unless they break the flow of the music.  Editing tracks takes away from the authentic, the emotion, and the mood.

If you are interested in recording a CD and you are comfortable with my recording principles, send me a sample of your music and a brief description of what you want to accomplish with your CD.  I might be willing to lend a hand with your project (for a modest fee).


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