A Footnote on Art

When I was a very young guy in the mid 1960’s, bands like The Ventures and musicians like Herb Albert were getting a ton of radio air time.  I listened to them and absorbed their ideas.  I also remember listening to Floyd Cramer, a wonderful pianist who produced countless instrumental songs.  The real adventure began one sunny afternoon on Kinchloe Air Force Base riding my bicycle where I first heard a song.  The song started with the line, “There she was, just a walking down the street, singing do wah dittie, dittie dum dittie do.”  This seemingly ordinary song, by Manfred Mann was the beginning of my lifetime passion for music, hence the name of my production company, Dan House Ditties.

As you may have determined with a little sleuthing on the net, I have an alternate existence (www.DCLConsult.com) that pays the utilities and puts gas in the cars.  Joy, my faithful wife and friend, is the center of my life and my music.  I do not tell her very often but I would not have not attempted this project or recorded a jazz CD if she had not encouraged me quietly day after day to pursue the goal.

Her two sons, Jacob and Zachary, have also been key to this project.  Jake took the task to build www.ShadesofMoire.com and www.DCLConsult.com  from scratch.  Jake and I have both learned much as the years passed and now we leverage things available on the net (for example, this WordPress website style).  Zachary undertook the time-consuming task of mastering Fort Calhoun.   Using the techniques that Zachary learned on Fort Calhoun, the first project, I was able to move quickly through the mastering process of Lost in Texas, the second project.  Thanks to Zachary’s initial work, what took weeks before, now only requires a few days.

I have a few favorite things, a Fender Strat, a Martin, and a Mandolin.  However, the people in my life far outreach and surpass these tools.  This music is for them.  May this music glorify the God I serve.

Dan Livingston

31 thoughts on “A Footnote on Art

    • dan says:

      You are very kind to comment on my meager wordsmith efforts.

      It has been my observation that writing is a task never done, never truly perfected.. Words are available to anyone. We borrow them for a bit from the ‘word bank’, and then return them to the ‘word bank’. In fact with out the words we would have little to go by that confirms actual communication occurred between two people.

      I suppose that some would say a word is merely a symbol that represents an idea or a emotion. When we are driving about the city, we respond to the shape of a stop sign (a symbol) long before we respond to the text on the sign. Yet, the first time we were confronted with the shape of the stop sign we did not know its meaning until somebody explained it to us. The five senses all contribute to communication, but the word is what brings clarity and meaning to the shape we see, the smells we detect and the textures we touch. Until we learn the meaning of the symbol, we have little hope to move ideas from our head to another persons head.

      Given all this patter, and homage to ‘the word’, It seems odd to me sometimes that I choose to make music with no words.

  1. dan says:

    Greetings Emily. It is always a pleasure to have a writer of your calibre visit my site. I have read some of your work, you write with honesty and power. Thank you for visiting, please come back soon..

      • Bikash says:

        I must say, as significantly as I read what you had to say, I couldn’t help but think you should think about this from more than one angle. Or maybe you shouldn’t generalize so much Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the topic.

    • dan says:

      My programmer, Jacob Ackerman, modified the style sheet for me. I can put you in contact with him if you have a web site that needs help. His rates are very reasonable.

    • dan says:

      Greetings Darlene, generally I write stuff for my blog. I am flattered by your offer. Feel free to place a link from my blog on your website.


  2. Oram Whittaker says:

    My wife and i were delighted when our son was able to complete his research through the ideas he learned from your blog. Your blogs are not simplistic like many others. The explanations you made are thoughtful. Thanks for time you put into your blog!

  3. Lena Johens says:

    Your music really brings peace to my soul. I purchased your CD’s this weekend and listened to them all day at work. Thank you.

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