Connecting the Dots

If we start with the notion that Art reveals something about the artist, we could say music tells a story. Presumably, the story of the musician. I embed my feelings in the song, yet, the song is not a perfect reflection of my feelings because I am not perfect in my ability to communicate. Generally, I develop the music with the notion (universals) it is possible to communicate emotion to the listener. The song does tell the listener a few things about me albeit constrained by my modest ability to create music.

As discussed in the previous essays on Art, I submit the first Creation Event provides a basis (a model to be emulated) for all Art (creation events). The Logos created, the Father viewed the creation, and the Father said it was good. In this small exchange between Father and Son, we have both the initial Art creation and we have the initial response (the first commentary on Art).

This creation model is a universal truth, an event that happened as a specific space-time historical event. The creation event is not a serendipitous happening subject to human interpretation. Rather, the creation is a real event that happened at a specific time in our history.  We are created in the image of God with the ability to create Art. We are created in the image of God with the ability to comment on created things.

We have the capacity to act with rational behavior and wise love, ability to make and execute plans just as the Logos demonstrated in creation. We have the ability to generate value by producing tools to help us work (imperfect tools, but useful tools). We are able to display love and goodwill toward other persons as the Logos did. We have the ability communicate abstract ideas, feelings, emotions, and facts as the Logos does, but on a much smaller scale. We humans, created in the image of God, have the ability to create Art.  And, we can can say, art reveals genuine glimpses of the artist.

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